What’s got you frozen?

Every day you have your “to do” list and every night you beat yourself up for not getting it all done.

There’s a real problem here because this cycle of busy-ness is costing you your LIFE.

There’s a lot of activity going on in your life every day but no real progress, right?

I’ve been thinking about my client Judy’s history. Judy was morbidly obese and very unhappy in her job and in her relationship with her husband and kids.

Every day, Judy TRICKED herself into thinking she was “getting shit done” but in REALITY she was surfing the web, watching podcasts, chatting on Facebook, looking at new job listings on LinkedIn and reading articles on relationships online.

Judy’s entire day was FULL, but she actually did NOTHING.

A year later, she was hospitalized for a serious health problem that could have taken her life, she was more disconnected from her husband and kids than ever, AND she was laid off with zero new job prospects!!

Judy almost lost it all because she was fooled by the Trickster.


Does this sound familiar? I help people uncover what’s DRIVING the trickster so they can start taking small actions every day that over time, have a HUGE positive impact on their lives!

I am an expert in making transformation feel EASY because most people will stop before they see results.

Are you GIVING UP right now?

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