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Why are your frozen?

What's got you frozen? Every day you have your "to do" list and every night you beat yourself up for not getting it all done. There's a real problem here because this cycle of busy-ness is costing you your LIFE. There's a lot of activity going on in your life every...

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Are your Boundaries Your Problem?

What do I mean by boundaries? These are the rules of any relationship, what you will and won’t do. This is usually easiest to do at the start of a relationship – but it doesn’t always go that way. Perfect example. One of my coaching clients, Sarah, called me in...

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What does done look like?

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY WEBSITE ISN’T UP AND RUNNING" Jodi was fuming. Her website was ‘up’ but not functioning, and it was the day of an important launch. The Tech Company Jodi hired hadn’t finished the project. How many times have you assigned a task only to find at...

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