Discover the Emotional Blindspots that are Costing you Money

“When you use the power you already have inside you to be the best version of yourself you can be, you create a better world for yourself and everybody else around you.”

-Abraham Johnson

Relieve Stress and Confusion

Reduce Team Turnover

Scale Your Business

“Audrey helped me uncover my fears that were holding me back from being successful in my business. She brought great revelation on why I was getting stuck in certain areas of my business and she taught me how to address my emotions in a positive way so that I could break through the resistance instead being held back by it.”

Lindsay S. a Certified Nurse Practitioner

“Audrey has the rare ability to cut through the noise and get to the signal. She does this with grace and compassion, her warmth and understanding never betraying the original goal – progress on the issues that we all struggle with. Every time I speak with Audrey, I feel understood, acknowledged and seen. As importantly, I come away with pragmatic, actionable insights that leave me feeling optimistic and powerful. Speaking truth to bullshit has never been more kind.”

Melissa C.

“I hired Audrey as my Emotional Intelligence coach when my life was falling apart. My husband had left me, my team was upset and I had more than 1 pissed off client. My business had grown and I was making more money than I ever had, but I was really suffering. I thought making more money was going to SOLVE my problems, but what Audrey showed me with her intuitive style and her brilliant coaching, money, my husband. my team, and my clients weren’t my problem I WAS MY PROBLEM! After a few coaching calls I was able to see my bind spots and go back in to all of my relationships with emotional intelligence. I rescued my marriage, I have a rock start team that loves to come to work every day, and my clients are getting results without the stress I was unknowingly creating for them. I credit Audrey with my “success” because without her guidance I would have sabotaged it all. Thank you Audrey!”

Dr. Kellee Rutley DC

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is a skill you can learn to help you understand you emotions, behaviors and motivations so you can grow yourself and your business.

How Does It Work?

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How Much Will This Cost?

Consider The following

How much will it cost you to remain where you are at now? Consider everything you’ll forgo if you don’t make a change. That is the real cost of this opportunity. What would be the worst part about staying where you are now? What experiences will you miss? Which relationships will be affected? There is so much to consider. I can help you out and help you up. Let’s set up a few minutes to chat about your goals and your finances and see if we can work something out. Apply today. I look forward to meeting you! you out.

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Meet the CEO

Audrey Schnell

Dr. Schnell has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology , Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and is an IIN graduate. She has been studying why and how people change for over 40+ years.

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